Virtual Call Centers

Customer service representatives help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services, take orders and requests, and process transactions or returns.

Setting up call centers that are run by customer service agents is very essential for organizations to act like the front-line of these organizations. Today, call centers might still use telephone services, but they also employ email, chat service, and social media services to stay in touch with customers and assist them.  Contact centers in the 21st century go way beyond these ordinary channels. They go virtual using video conferencing technologies, which enables them to meet customers face-to-face, without requiring the customers to make a journey to the bank in order to get a transaction done, which could reduce the waiting times for customers, and enable the agents/staff to work from anywhere.

A virtual call center is a contact center whose customer support agents or sales representatives work remotely from anywhere such as from their homes. Instead of working from an on-site business location, virtual agents help customers from any location or branches, or even from their own homes. Virtual call center platforms allow teams to work from dispersed locations while remaining a cohesive unit and performing with ease and efficiency.

There are many benefits for having a virtual call center. Below are some of the benefits:

1- Saving Cost:
Companies can save a lot of costs to setup physical call centers and running them.

2- Better Employee Experience:
Virtual call centers help agents to eliminate commute time. Moreover, they reduce stress levels on the agents comparing to the physical centers that could be crowded with staff and sometimes frustrated customers or bosses! This results in higher employee satisfaction ad retention rates.

3- Easy to manage and scale:
Virtual call centers are easier to manage and to scale. You can hire agents from anywhere around the world and give them the right setup or access to your systems in order to empower the with the right tools to serve your customers.

4- Ensuring Readiness for crises:
Does COVID-19 and its impact look familiar to you? Imagine call centers and big organizations stopping to answer phone calls and helping their customer because of curfew or social distancing procedures. Having a virtual call center is definitely a right Business Continuity Plan "BCP" strategy.

Basma is an online platform that enables you setup a virtual call center in less than 5 minutes! It allows support teams to provide more personal, productive support over video calls. It is quick to configure, and easy to manage. Since it’s cloud-based, agents can use Basma anywhere in the world and using any smart phone, tablet or laptop device. Basma helps agents resolve issues faster, measure and improve support operations, and deliver better customer experiences. Using the snapshots and e-signature features make it possible to onboard the customers, and verify their identities through the video conversation, replacing the traditional KYC methods, and speeding up the digital transformation towards FinTech.