Smart Call Routing 🔀

Have you ever wanted to setup a call center for your business? Have you seen how much expensive and physical hardware you needed to buy before receiving your first call from a customer?

Well, the old days of having a traditional high Capex call center infrastructure setup is gone! with you can setup your virtual branch and video call center in less than 5 minutes! not just that but it will cost you as little as $29 per month.

Now have you ever wanted to make your calls routed to the right team without any human intervention? For instance, based on when the customer selects a Service whether it's 'Open new bank account' or 'I need help' or 'Delivery follow up' the customer gets redirected to your Group of Agents or even one specific Agent. Just like magic! 🌟

Needless to say that it's totally controllable from your end from your dashboard in few clicks, few things you'll need to understand before making this happen:

Services: are the services you offer to your customers, they will be visible to the customer to choose prior to the video call.

Services page on dashboard

Groups: contains one or more Agent and linked with one or more Service.

Groups page on dashboard
Linking Services to the Group

Agents: are your users that has the permission to answer video calls.

Those three work together to make smart call routing easily done and managed from your end. We'd really love to see you signup with us and hear your thoughts about this amazing feature that will make your customers get to the right people fast and easy.