Basma for Insurance ☔

Globally, the digital transformation in the insurance industry (InsurTech) is happening in a slower pace compared to the banking industry. Although it started late, this industry is seeing consistent improvements and trends.


Nowadays, the delivery of video insurance services or the implementation of virtual branches for insurance companies have been trending quite fast around the world and especially in Europe and the Middle East. Many insurance companies established virtual branches to help their customers get different kinds of insurance services via video conferencing tools or virtual branch platforms and software. Companies which haven't yet started that don't need to worry anymore. Basma's got your back!

Basma is considered as one of the best virtual branch platforms around the world. Now and through Basma, insurance companies can build their full virtual branches in 5 minutes while saving a lot of money. With Basma, insurance companies will not need to allocate big implementation budgets as Basma helps them spend affordable amounts on monthly or annual basis as a running cost. Basma's advanced cloud-based platform "Software-as-a-Service" helps insurance companies provide the following services to their customers:

1- Policy Issuance
2- Policy Renewal
3- Claim Registration & Settlement
4- Handling endorsements and other requests
5- Underwriting services
6- Surveying Services

If you are a service provider in the insurance field and need to setup your insurance virtual branch or virtual call center, then you definitely need to sign-up on Basma. Click here and see your company's virtual branch up and running after 5 minutes!