Basma for Government 🏢

Crises like COVID-19 pandemic affected many governments as a lot of ministries and governmental service organizations stopped working due to the curfews. This impacted citizens negatively. Luckily, many countries around the world have their own e-government portals nowadays to help their citizens carry out different kinds of services online, but this was still not enough. So many services were depending on the physical interaction between the public services employees and citizens.

This problem can now be solved to a great extent using virtual services. Imagine a public sector educational institution, a traffic directorate, ministry of electricity & water, pension organization or other public entities serving their clients virtually via virtual customer service units or virtual call centers! Yes, this is really possible, thanks to Basma.

We at Basma are proud to be serving many governmental entities such as the ministry of health here in Bahrain as well as other ministries across GCC to enable them serve their customers virtually via Basma's platform using video conferencing and other advanced tools.

If you work for any governmental arm or ministry, you can now have your virtual call center or video customer center unit up and running within 5 minutes and you can obtain signatures, exchange documents, carry out transactions and many more with Basma. The virtual branch enables governments, and other businesses to serve their customers via an omni-channel, through-which most of the transactions can be done.

Wanna know more? Get in touch with us now and we'll arrange for a demo session with you.