Q. How much does basma.ai cost?

A. Please visit our pricing page for more information

Q. What is a virtual branch?

A. By launching your virtual branch using basma, you will have your own link which you can share with your customers, through which they can browse and choose a service, then enter in a queue until an employee answers the video call, through the video call, you can obtain e-signatures in real-time, exchange files, and many other things to serve your customers without requiring them to visit your branch physically.

Q. Is basma.ai secure?

A. Please visit our security page for more information basma.ai/security TLDR: Yes, it is secure.

Q. What advantages does basma have over video calling apps like Skype and Zoom?

A. Basma is very different, Skype, Zoom and other video calling apps are tailored for meetings and conference calls, meanwhile, basma mimics a virtual branch and is tailored to serving customers, check out our features page for more information about the unique features offered by basma to help your business go virtual. basma.ai/features