Custom Fields ✍

Our dashboard gives you full flexibility to control your video call center, from creating services, modifying the branding and setting up custom fields.

You can specify the information you would like to collect from your customers before starting the call, such as their name, phone number, and any other information, or request consents such as accepting terms and conditions, are granting you permission to record calls.

Managing custom fields

You can specify fields that are to be filled by the customer, and ones that are only visible for the agent (by checking the "Is For Agent?" checkbox) while in the video call.

This could be useful to help the agents decide which calls to answer, or have background information about the customer before answering the call. For example, knowing the customer's name, whether they are an existing customer or not, if they are then knowing their account number. Enabling the agent to greet the customer with their name, and save time asking for details.

Via our APIs, more integrations are possible, you can grab the data and handle it programmatically, or integrate it with other systems.

Adding a new custom field

The customer will be requested to fill the fields before calling.

Custom fields from the custom side

The custom fields values will be visible to the agents before answering the call, and while in the call, where they can amend the values.