Introducing in-call e-signatures

We are pleased to launch e-signatures, one of the most requested features, agents can now request signatures from the customers in the call.

Agents will now see a new button called "request signature" while in the call, inside the chat box, when clicking on the button a popup will appear to the customer asking them to sign, customers will be able to sign using the mouse when on PC, or using their finger to draw the signature on the screen from their mobile devices, the signature will then be send in the chat and attached to the call.

This functionality may be used to get users consents, request confirmation or verify the customer's identity, which is necessary to get some transactions done, especially in the financial industry. Banks may use this feature as part of their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, while other sectors such as hospitals can use it to get consents.

It is available in all the packages, if you haven't tried yet, you may signup for the free trial and have access to all the features, including the signatures.

Visit our homepage for more information about this feature, and the rest of the features.