Agent Phone ☎️

The agent phone page from dashboard

The agent phone is the core or we call it the heart at that connects all the features together and make virtualizing a call center an easy and smart thing to do with Needless to say that it rings whenever a customer is calling. It informs you of all the calls and people that are in-line and waiting to be served.

It also shows you the Custom Fields or the captured data from your customers prior the call so you can have an insight of whom you're going to server before picking up the call. Those custom fields are fully customizable from your end and you have the full control to decide what kind of data to be captured from your customers.

In the agent phone as well you're able to filter the calls that you want to see based on the Services your virtual branch is providing, unless the service is a restricted service attached to a specific group of people that you are not in that group, you'll not see the service listed in the filters. That's what we call the Smart Call Routing.

With just one click, you're going to be connected instantly with your customers and serve him right away! Setup your virtual call center now and try it yourself.